The Progress of the Plant


Project Concept developed

June to Oct 2014

NamPower RFP issued, Xaris Energy selected Preferred Bidder


Mar 2014

200 MW IPP Licence 



Apr 2015

NamPower FID presentation

Jul 2016

Namibian High Court Ruling in favour of Xaris


Feb 2018

NamPower cancel RFP


Xaris is taking the WBPP to new clients and new industries


Jul 2017

Supreme Court Proceedings launched

May 2018

ECB renews Xaris IPP Licence

June 2010: The WBPP idea is born – a clean, value for money solution to growing the region’s economy!

May 2014: The Namibian Electricity Control Board (ECB) issues a power generation licence for 200 MW of base power.


June to October 2014: NamPower issues an RFP for a 200 to 230 MW Power Plant. Xaris responds and is awarded Preferred Bidder Status..


April 2015: Following the Namibian Government’s endorsement of the WBPP as a national project, NamPower announce the Financial Investment Decision, naming the project as an important power bridging solution.


July 2016: The Namibian High Court issues a ruling that reaffirms the decision of NamPower to award the WBPP tender to Xaris Energy and dismisses, with costs, the application of the competitor.


July 2017: The competitor launches an appeal at the Namibian Supreme Court. 


Feb 2018: NamPower, in spite of numerous meetings and evidence clearly showing the dire state of the Namibian energy situation, cancels the RFP.


May 2018: The ECB renews Xaris Energy’s IPP Licence, and allows Xaris to seek other off-takers, thus opening up the project to many possibilities.


August 2018: The WBPP is revived, and the design is refined to be more efficient bringing the tariff down even further.

January  2019: WBPP engages with potential SAPP off takers.


July 2019: WBPP and its sister project Walvis GasPort are included in the Namibian Economic Growth Summit 2019 Investment Catalogue. 

Xaris is taking the Walvis Bay Power Plant solution to new clients across the SADC area!

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