The Power Plant

Flexible and agile, the Walvis Bay Power Plant will be very different from conventional, coal-fired power stations that take many years to plan and build, have high levels of emissions and use vast quantities of water for cooling.

Its compact, modular design lends itself to rapid deployment and power generation early in the project’s lifecycle. Initial generation could be achieved within six months of construction commencing, and the total planned yield will be available nine months after that. The full construction period, from start to finish, is approximately 15 months.

The plant will yield 600 MW of power to the local and regional off-takers. The modular design of the plant allows for further future growth.

Briefly, here’s how the power plant project will work:

Walvis GasPort

LNG supply

Fuel and water

pipelines to power plant

Natural gas

power plant

Power into

the grid


Liquefied natural gas (LNG) will be supplied to the plant by Walvis GasPort (WGP), a Namibia natural gas company.


WGP will import LNG, regasify it and then pipe it to the plant.

The power plant itself will be located behind Dune 7 at Walvis Bay, in an area earmarked for heavy industrial development. State-of-the-art gas turbines will be used to produce the power, which will be distributed to off-takers via a 220 kV line and sub-station.

Dune 7 at Walvis Bay

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